Full Moon Fever

Welcome the full moon when it comes. Full moon offers you a great release. It can also turn around your clarity for you to point you in the right direction.

Full moons are an excellent time to release unnecessary clutter, clothes that no longer bring joy, relationships that no longer serve our greatest good, bad habits. Have awareness of what pops up or goes awry in your full moon and why. After the release your life will be easier...let the release happen, GO WITH THE FLOW.

By clearing your path you make way for new love, energy and growth. I am happy to help you clear your closets and home, just ask.


Starting 3 days before a full moon, until about a day or so after the full moon, take extra care to keep your actions mindful. During full moon periods, drivers often do erratic u-turns in the middle of the road to correct their path, the most admittance to the hospital ER happens during this time as well. After full moons you will see the most animals on the side of the road, take care during the full moon, let it guide you in the right direction but keep your pace even keeled to avoid accidents.

The next full moon will be this Sunday March 12, 10:54 am. Release release release, clear your space, energy and open your heart.

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