Diddy & ChiChi teach us...

Dogs can teach us so much: unconditional love, how to be of service, great patience, fortitude, commitment, communication, boundaries, care taking, how to learn to relax-burrow under a blanket, and remember to exercise and play.

We thank our pooches for all they teach us, even though sometimes the lessons are exhausting and loud, we are ever grateful...

WE LOVE ANIMALS, especially our dogs.

We thank Diddy (Didu or his proper name Killian Bailey Lyons), our miniature pincher for teaching us in ways that only he can offer. Killy has taught us to learn patience, pure tenacity, the importance of exercise play and our ability to grow in tolerance & communication skills.

Merci beaucoup, Miss Coco Chanel, our rescued Chihuahua (otherwise known as Chichi or Cheech) who teaches us to cuddle, slow down and hone in on self care. We have taught Coco to learn to share and release fears associated with past experiences.

Open your heart to the love and guidance our animals have for us...

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