Victory, You Are What You Think

The other day I heard a great motivating speech. Here are some of the uplifting insights I took with me that I hope you carry away as well...

"God is not limited by what you are facing, He is only limited by what you are thinking.

God has power to change minds, improve health, move mountains, send away enemies, pain, addiction, relationship problems and infertility; He releases healing. The favor of God is defeating my enemies. It is the Glory of God. Certain challenges like physical and mental, can not be defeated alone. Healing is coming. Favor is coming. Expect it to turn around every morning when you wake. Have an attitude of FAITH. You will not be defeated. VICTORY IS COMING."

Joel Osteen is wise in my book, he is the "Rocky" of spirit and I am grateful for his words.

VICTORY IS COMING to YOUR heart...welcome it to receive it.

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