Empowerment Services
Image Empowerment


Kia offers custom shopping to highlight your best self.                           

Identify your signature style & let new items empower you. 



Film Empowered

 Wardrobe Design Supervisor &  Historical Authenticator, Kia Lyons offers full and single cast member design.


Pre-production reiki : align your higher self with your character, 

desired emotions and attributes.


Post production reiki : regain your personal self, energy  & balance. 



Custom Apparel Designs

Empower with fashion. Create YOUR custom style today! Or, design a screen print for your personal charity.   See  "Apparel" link/ page.


Closet Declutter

 Fine tune your wardrobe, dress with ease and let your true self shine. 

Consultation Sessions

 Identify personal goals, steps to get what you want & reveal the path to live your best life. Get Empowered.  

        Fine-tune your power of self,  senses,  decisions and actions.  Connect on a walk, while we shop, at the gym or over the phone. 

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